Courage and Coronavirus

Fear is not a reasonable state of being in the face of the coronavirus. 

In these pages I’ll be explaining this apparently ridiculous proposition, and offering health-giving alternatives to the fear that’s crippling us.

With that as my intention, I had to come up with a URL, with no time to waste. To get the brainstorming juices flowing, I tested out the very first prospect that popped into my head for availability. That was “” I know, that’s a particularly lame and stupid choice, but I have learned that with creativity you have to start somewhere! Little did I know that the internet gods would punish me for my lameness, and for trying to find a more creative solution to the problems posed by the virus than the folks in charge. In a flash I felt myself being reigned in with a stern rebuke:

Yikes! Instantly, I felt an icy pang of fear in my chest, the kind I feel when I receive a letter from the IRS, or when I’m having a conversation with a family member and I suddenly find myself in some weirdly tense place with unmentionable antecedents.

In the next instant–I was laughing! Who the heck has the nerve to tell me that I’m forbidden from finding my own light? And where did that pang of fear come from?

Who besides me would be using fear to forbid me to find my light? It was as if the whole episode had been brilliantly arranged to showcase ideas I am carrying around, like stowaways who steal food when no one is paying attention. (Who arranged this revelation,  I’m not prepared to say, though I do have a few thoughts on the matter for later.) It also struck me that the message neatly pinpoints what I will be writing about: how personal and external factors are working together for each person to create fear and panic in these coronavirus times.

I hope that you, also, will never let anyone tell you that you are forbidden from finding your light. Not your silly browser window or anyone else.

The Parable of the Coronavirus